A Charming Country Girl Embarking on a City Adventure

A Charming Country Girl

Embarking on a City Adventure

Eden, Ruby Red Fashion Friends Fan Edition, Mar 2024

Introducing Eden

Step into the enchanting world of Eden, the latest fan edition doll created by kindredandtribe. Eden is a delightful country girl who has recently embarked on an exciting new adventure in the bustling city, accompanied by her loving family and her beloved bunny companion. With a deep passion for gardening, Eden has transformed her new living space into a secret garden oasis, bringing a touch of nature to the urban landscape. Below is the story written by kindredandtribe.

Eden's Story

 "Eden" just moved from the country to the city and is struggling to find her place.

Everything is different here! The building, the language, and even their clothes. But when her mother suggests working together to make the most of their new home. Eden has a brillant idea!

"Why not bring the country to the city?!"

They might not have much room, but with lots of imagination and hard work, they can transform this space into a secret garden! Minature fruit, trees, and heirloom roses soon fill the area in an artful and creative display. 

Eden bring her lop-eared bunny outside to see if he approves. He nibbles at some greens growing up the wall. Eden looks around and wipes her hands on her apron. "This feels just right!"

Eden's Outlook

Eden is dressed in a lovely pink apron dress adorned with a delicate rose pattern, accentuated by a ribbon belt that adds a touch of whimsy. Completing her look, she wears a lace headband and carries a small pouch, perfect for storing her gardening essentials. Her ensemble is complemented by cozy boot socks and stylish brown ankle boots, ensuring she is ready for any urban exploration. To stay warm on breezy days, Eden wears a green open cardigan sweater that adds a pop of color and comfort to her outfit.

A Grateful Acknowledgment

We appreciate kindredandtribe for their exceptional creativity, remarkable sketch, and imaginative storytelling, bringing Eden to life in the most captivating way. Their talent and attention to detail have given Eden a unique and enchanting presence. We are honored to have worked with such a gifted designer. Thank you, kindredandtribe, for sharing your extraordinary talent and bringing Eden to life in such a remarkable manner.

 kindredandtribe's original drawing of Eden

Dream Opportunity

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Now that you've been introduced to Eden and her interesting story, we invite you to bring her into your collection. Discover the enchanting world of Eden and let her captivating presence ignite your imagination.

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