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   In Fall 2021, Ruby Red Fashion Friends hosted a Children's design competition that aimed to inspire kids between the ages of 3 and 13 to unleash their creativity and design their ideal dolls. In Summer 2022, the three lucky winners' dream dolls were transformed into the first 4 Ruby Red Fashion Friends / Siblies Fan Edition dolls. The RRFF design team was thrilled by the fantastic dream doll submissions and was eager to keep the creativity alive. As a result, the competition is now open to the public with no age restrictions or submission deadlines, allowing anyone to design their dream doll and potentially see it come to life.

  To accommodate the growing number of submissions, we launched a new doll line called "Create Your Dream Doll" in Summer 2023, which is dedicated to bringing every aspiring artist's vision to life. Our design team will thoroughly review all the submitted artwork and stories, and they may provide some artistic feedback. If you're fortunate, they may even turn your dream doll sketch into a reality.

The first 4 Fan Edition dolls

Nicky doll designed by Azaria Summer Kelly

Designed by Azaria Summer Kelly (Aged 12)

Winona & Wyatt dolls designed by Naomi Joel Mcmillon

Designed by Naomi Joel McMillon (Aged 9)

Kelly doll designed by Angelina Kryshkina

Designed by Angelina Kryshkina (Aged 9)

How to take part:

1. Download the two worksheets below OR click HERE

2. Sketch and color your dream doll with outfits and accessories

3. Create an intriguing backstory for your dream doll. You can include details such as their name, their hobbies, and their likes and dislikes.

4. Upload your sketch and story to your Instagram OR Facebook page with the hashtag #createyourdreamdoll


If your artwork is chosen to be created by our designers, you will receive: 

  1. Your dream RRFF doll

  2. A certificate 

  3. The opportunity to have your design released as a Fan Edition RRFF / Siblies doll or a doll of the Create Your Dream doll series.

⏰ There is no limitation on submission time and ages of participants, we welcome all of you to participate in this activity!

Terms of entry:

Participants must carefully read and agree to the following terms before joining. Entry into the activity is considered as acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

1. There is no limitation on the number of artworks submitted with the hashtag #createtourdreamdoll

2.  Ruby Red Galleria reserves the right to disqualify any artwork that does not meet these guidelines.

(1) Participants must make use their works are original creations and not plagiarized or infringing the copyrights of others. In case there are any legal disputes arise regarding copyrights issue, the responsibility should be borne by the participants.

(2) Photos with dolls, outfits, accessories, or backgrounds featuring other brands are not accepted.

3. Participants give permission for their artwork to be shared on any of our social media platforms, used in publicity and promotional materials as well as grant us the right to produce product(s) base on their artwork with no extra compensation other than the prizes stated.

4. This competition is organized by Ruby Red Galleria and is not in collaboration with Facebook or Instagram.


5. Ruby Red Galleria reserves the final rights to decide which dolls and products are produced and to amend the rules.

Click on the below images to download the Create Your Dream Doll & Story About Your Doll worksheet

Create Your Dream Doll template
Create Your Dream Doll - story worksheet
Create Your Dream Doll Doll Series

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Create Your Dream Doll Doll Series

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