Taking Care Your Precious Doll


-   Do not put your doll into water.

-   Clean the surface of doll body with slightly wet soft cloth. After that, let your doll dry naturally.

    Make sure the body is completely dry before putting on clothing.

-   Never use hair dryers or any other devices that generate heat to dry your doll.    

-    Avoid using detergent, soap or bleach

-    Avoid rubbing clothing with strong force

Hair Care

-   If your doll’s hair is especially dirty, you can wash the hair with gentle shampoo and cold water.

   We do not recommend shampooing the hair too frequently.

-   Do not wring or twist the hair during washing or drying.

-   Dry the hair with a clean soft cloth. After that, let the hair dry naturally. Make sure the hair is completely dry before storage.

-    Never use hair dryers, curly iron or any other devices that generate heat to dry or style your doll’s hair.

-     Avoid rubbing your doll’s hair.

-     Comb the hair gently with a comb.

-     To tackle with tangles, hold a small section of hair near the end of the tangles and comb gently from top to brush out the tangles.

     Do it gently. Do not use excessive force.


-  Avoid storing dolls in place which can reach direct sunlight for a prolonged period as this may affect the color of the vinyl bodies.

-  Make sure the body and clothing of dolls is dry before storage.

-  Store your dolls in a cool and dry place.

Wig Fitting (for special /  limited edition dolls)

To avoid your doll's wig slipping, place the Ruby Red wig band on your doll's head before fitting the wig.

-  Watch the wig fitting video tutorial below.

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