Splash Of Style!

Are you ready for summer 2022? The Fashion Friends are! Bella, Sara, and Hanna have had a technicolor makeover! The girls have a brand new look bursting with bold colors, vibrant textures, and lots of fashion-forward attitude that is perfect for the beach, a music festival or just hanging out with friends! 

The Splash of Style dolls' new outfits and makeovers are inspired by the spontaneity and motion of abstract painting, color mixing, and paint splatters. This new design radiates positive energy and happiness. These girls look great together as a set or can be enjoyed individually. Color your life with a Splash of Style!

Dynamic Denim

Timeless denim styles with a fresh twist! These classic denim pieces have been updated with an injection of electrifying color. Lashings of candy pink and deep purple compliment the blue denim jacket, vest, and pair of shorts.

Fabulous Feet

Step into next season with these high fashion high-tops. Packed with beautiful blossoms and sweet details, these lace-up sneakers aren’t your average shoe! Each pair sports a vivid color and unique flower pattern.

Dream Big Bella’s look has been refreshed with a new outfit and fun & fashionable pink hair highlights.

Dream Big Bella (Splash of Style) wears a denim vest with cotton candy and baby blue tie-dye effect over a tank top with her signature phrase ‘Dream Big’ emblazoned on the front. Her pleated skirt is made from an iridescent pink fabric that catches the light and glistens in the sun. She wears long socks with two sporty stripes and floral lace-up high-tops.

Bella’s new look is sporty, fashion-forward, and bold! Her glistening skirt and eye-catching vest are sure to turn heads wherever she goes.

Let Your Light Shine Sara is also sporting brand new tresses, with pretty pink highlights that compliment her beautiful blonde curls. 

Let Your Light Shine Sara’s iconic denim jacket is bursting with bright fuschia and azure blue. She wears her unique phrase ‘Let Your Line Shine’ on her pink t-shirt and a pair of white lace pattern trousers. Her cyan lace-up high-tops have adorable white floral patterns and white floral applique. 

Sara’s new look is feminine, unique, and fun! Her beautifully intricate lace pants and fancy footwear will make her stand out from the crowd.

Think Happy Thoughts Hanna’s dark locks are beautifully contrasted by brand new pink highlights, giving her a stylish new ‘do. 

Think Happy Thoughts Hanna wears a glittering iridescent pink mesh jacket over her tank-top that sports her unique phrase ‘Think Happy Thoughts’. Her unique denim item has been re-worked into a cute pair of pink and blue tie-dye effect shorts. Styled under her shorts are a pair of shocking neon pink fishnet leggings that she wears with a pair of pretty pink floral high-tops, finished with an adorable bow at the heels. 

Hanna’s new look oozes exuberance and excitement! Her shining mesh jacket and neon leggings will shine in sun and light up every room.

Share your photos of the brand new Splash of Style Fashion Friends using the hashtag #RRFFsplash

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