Easter Egg Fun!

Hoppy Bunny Egg

You will need:

  • Plastic Egg
  • Acrylic Paint Pens
  • Super Glue

  • Foam Sheet 

  • Scissors

* Children should be supervised by a parent or guardian 

Step 1: Using the acrylic paint pen, draw a pair of bunny ears on a foam sheet 

Step 2: Using scissors, carefully cut out the bunny ears

Step 3: Using the acrylic paint pens, draw a bunny face on the front of the egg

Step 4: Apply glue to the bottom of the foam bunny ears

Step 5: Pinch the bottom of the ears together and glue the base to the top of the plastic egg. Repeat this with both ears. 

Step 6: Leave to dry and enjoy!

Happy Easter!

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