The Birth of Our Holiday Dolls

Camellia Doll

Camelllia, Ruby Red Fashion Friends,

Limited Edition, Nov 2023

Lavender & Camellia

Lavender & Camellia

Lavender Doll

Lavender, Ruby Red Fashion Friends,

Limited Edition, Nov 2023

3D Draping

Our latest holiday dolls truly look extraordinary, don't they? The creation of their elegant gowns involved a special technique known as 3D draping, which required exceptional craftsmanship. 

3D draping is a specialized technique used in fashion design and garment construction. It involves manipulating fabric directly on a dress form or a live model to create three-dimensional shapes and contours. Unlike flat pattern-making, which involves creating two-dimensional patterns, 3D draping allows designers to visualize and experiment with fabric directly on a three-dimensional surface.

To master this technique, Ruby sought the assistance of her dear friend Jan. The development of this year's holiday dolls serves as a heartfelt commemoration of their 50-year friendship.

Ruby & Jan

Ruby and Jan first crossed paths in the 1970s. Ruby worked diligently in a hair wig factory, while Jan honed her skills as a turner in the fashion industry. Both possessed their own dreams. Ruby aspired to establish her own doll brand, while Jan aimed to become a mentor in the fashion world.

Through unwavering dedication, Ruby and Jan tirelessly pursued their dreams. Ruby, together with her husband Paul, opened a doll factory, where they collaborated with globally renowned doll designers and developers, eventually giving rise to the esteemed Ruby Red doll brand. Jan, on the other hand, established her own garment factory, producing high-end fashion garments for famous movie stars and singers. Finally, Jan fulfilled her dream by running a workshop where she imparted her exquisite fashion cutting skills to the next generation.

Jan createing holiday gown

Jan, creating the first sample of the gown

In a heartfelt gesture to commemorate their 50-year friendship, Ruby extended a special invitation to Jan to collaborate on the development of a limited edition Ruby Red Fashion Friends doll. Leveraging her expertise in 3D draping techniques, Jan skillfully crafted an elegant dress that exuded sophistication. Ruby, in turn, meticulously produced wig hair and accessories that perfectly complemented the stunning gown.

Truly, Ruby and Jan are an exemplary pair of Fashion Friends. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in something truly remarkable. Their story intertwines friendship, passion, and complementary skills, serving as an inspiration to all.

The birth of our holiday dolls not only showcases their extraordinary beauty but also symbolizes the enduring bond between Ruby and Jan. It is a testament to their unwavering friendship and the remarkable achievements they have accomplished together.

Cheers to the real pair of Fashion Friends, Ruby and Jan!

First sample on doll

First sample of the 3D draping gown

Jan & Ruby

Jan and Ruby, celebrating the finish of the first sample

Lavender & Camellia

Lavender & Camellia

Lavender & Camellia will be available for pre-order on 11 Nov, 2023 at 10:00 am US East Coast Time. For details, please visit:

Lavender & Camellia will be available for pre-order on 11 Nov, 2023 at 10:00 am US East Coast Time. For details, please visit:

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