Merry Xmas from Ruby Red Fashion Friends!

Learn about how we designed our festive dolls

Holly, Ruby Red Siblies Limited Edition Doll, 2022 

Robin, Ruby Red Siblies Limited Edition Doll, 2022 

Take a look at this year’s festive offering, designed, in part, by our official fan club! These dolls mark the first experiment in collaboration with our fans - and we think the results speak for themselves! We really enjoyed working with our fans, and we want to thank everyone who participated in the polls, offered suggestions, and made their opinions heard. The Ruby Red community is what makes our dolls truly special - keep it up!

Designing the doll…

Every week we asked our official fan club to help us decide on how the dolls should look, from theme and pattern to accessories and colors.


The theme our fans chose was “Cozy Christmas”: think roaring fires, snuggly blankets, and a warm mug of hot chocolate. Our design team was eager to bring this doll to life, full of rustic charm and festive spirit. Once the general theme was set, we could start the process of sketching out the whole doll. Next, a pattern was chosen - to match the “Cozy Christmas” theme, our fan club choose “gingerbread cookies”, which can be seen dotted around Robin and Holly’s skirts. They also elected to have the dolls come with a tiny gingerbread cookie - great for creating a cute Christmas kitchen scene. 


After this, we decided on colors and patterns, the club voted for plaids in maroon and forest green. This inspired the naming of the dolls - Holly for the leafy greens of the Holly tree and Robin for the red-breasted bird. Tartan is perfect for the “Cozy  Christmas” vibe. Traditionally, tartan includes green, red, and yellow to represent the gold frankincense and myrrh of the classic Christmas story. 


The last choice made by our official Ruby Red Fashion Friends Fan Club was the accessories! After much deliberation and some great suggestions (an apron for baking, a chic beret - Christmas in Paris maybe? - even a white kitten!) the overwhelming consensus seemed to be mittens, a scarf, and earmuffs. The design team was excited over the prospect of designing earmuffs - the first ones ever to be created for the Ruby Red Fashion Friends! Thank you again to everyone who logged on every week to join us on this project. After the success of the Christmas doll design process and the Fan Club doll project, we plan to create many more dolls with our fan club in the future. 

Meet this year’s festive dolls!

Holly and Robin are a picture-perfect pair.


Holly has rich dark skin and piercing blue eyes. Robin is her opposite, with pale flushed cheeks and striking green eyes. They wear fair isle sweaters, plaid skirts, snuggly knit tights, and gorgeous mid-calf brown boots. 

To create that cozy feel, both dolls come with lots of layers so they can wrap up warm. They each have fluffy ear muffs, knit mittens, and luxurious scarves.


The warmest accessory is their fabulous duffle coats. These coats have the traditional duffle fastening - meaning instead of buttons or zippers, the coats have a series of horn-shaped fasteners that attach to corresponding loops. These ‘horns’ used to be made from elephant or walrus tusk - obviously, ours are animal-free! This fastening system was suited for numb be-mittened hands that might struggle with small buttons or fiddly zippers. Together, all these layers create a restful, rustic, and festive look!

Do you want to pre-order this doll or collaborate with us on brand new dolls in the future? Join our fan club today for exclusive sneak peeks, exciting community discussions, and the chance to work alongside the Ruby Red Fashion Friends designers! 


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