Ten Ping's Childhood Dream of Beijing

School Trip Ten Ping (Siblies)

School Trip GiGi (Siblies)

Ten Ping had always dreamed of going on a school trip to Beijing with her best friend GiGi. She loved writing stories and often wrote about their imaginary adventures in Beijing. Despite her family's financial struggles, she never let go of her dream.

One day, Ten Ping's writing class was assigned to write a story about a place they had always wanted to visit. Ten Ping knew exactly what she wanted to write about - a trip to Beijing with GiGi.

She poured her heart and soul into her story, describing the sights, sounds, and smells of the city in vivid detail. She imagined herself and GiGi walking through the streets of Beijing, exploring the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and dressing up in traditional Qing dynasty outfits.

As she read her story in front of the class, she could see the excitement in their eyes. They were transported to Beijing, just like she had imagined, and they couldn't wait to hear more.

Ten Ping's dream of going on a school trip to Beijing never came true, but her love for Chinese culture continued to grow. She spent her free time reading books, watching documentaries, and immersing herself in the traditions and history of China.

Her friendship with GiGi remained strong, and they continued to share their love for Chinese culture with each other. They would often dress up in traditional Chinese outfits and have tea parties, imagining themselves as princess of the kingdom.

Despite never having been to Beijing in her childhood, Ten Ping felt a deep connection to the country and its culture. She knew that one day she would make her dream of visiting Beijing a reality!

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