How to set up Venus's daybed

Your daybed set includes:

  •         White plastic tubing 
  • Two white pillows
  • Mattress

  • Blanket

  • Beige awning

Step 1: Slide the white plastic tubing into the hole on the edges of the beige awning  

Step 2: Continue inserting the white plastic tubing until it runs the entire length of the awning 

         Step 3: Repeat the same process on the opposite side. Each side should have an equal amount of plastic tubing inserted 

Step 4: Locate the Velcro on the bottom of the awning and the edges of the mattress

Step 5: Attach the awning to the mattress using the Velcro on  the  bottom of the awning and the ends of the mattress

Step 6: Adjust the awning so it stands in an even arch position 

Step 7: Place the pillows and blanket on the mattress

Step 8: Enjoy & relax!

Watch the video tutorial here!

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