Happy Birthday Ruby Ho!

It’s my birthday!

Last year I got to be with my sons, but this year I am spending it in China. I am pretty happy working with our team there on our newest designs. 

While I am of course occupied with the many colleagues and also blessed with so many birthday wishes, I would like to also pay a little tribute to GiGi. She had been my childhood friend forever, and we drifted apart after growing up. On this birthday I still remember how Gigi gave me a cheongsam as a gift - 65 years ago when I was 8! Although we don’t see each other that much anymore, these memories are the ones I cherish. 

This has led me to reflect on the importance of childhood memories. Do any of you share my bittersweet sentiment of missing childhood friends, while at the same time being grateful for the beautiful memories they left behind? Please share your stories here, I would love to reminisce with others that share this feeling.

Ruby Ho 9/9 2022

GiGi & Ten Ping

Ruby Ho, Chief Designer

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