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A Recap from our Cheif Designer - Ms.Ruby Ho

My Next Design Challenge was a Joyful One

I was looking for my next design challenge to get my designer's blood pumping.

This time, we got to work with Jana Blažková of Wixana’s Doll’s House! She is an outstanding artist from the Czech Republic!

I was captivated by Wixana’s remake of RubyRedFashionFriends the moment I saw them (and Yes, I do and enjoy visiting the various RRFF sharing groups like Ruby Red Fashion Friends Fanclub and Happily’s RRFF page). And we quickly sent Jana an email to see if we can work on a project.


Our team and I were ecstatic in working with her! We briefly went over some themes to choose from, and Jana sent us BEAUTIFUL drawings of her ideas.

RRFF Special Edition Flower Fairy Freya Drawing
Mermaid Design from Wixana's Doll House

One was the mermaid and the other was a fairy. They were absolutely amazing. I chose to do the fairy at the end, because it just felt like something that clicked, I do want to make this doll real.

I proceeded to make the first few samples of the doll itself. And in between, we received some of Jana’s own make up on the RRFF dolls. All of them are again, absolutely amazing! At the end we had to choose one, and I ended up choosing the 3rd one. 

This is the final doll that I made after all this, and I am very proud of it! Especially that we were able to make a beautiful drawing into something I am very keen of..

Flower Fairy Freya
Flower Fairy Freya front view
Flower Fairy Freya zoon-in

To make this incredibly special, we are only going to make 50 of these worldwide. We wish that this very limited edition to be very unique and exclusive to the lucky 50 collectors who possess them.

Last but not least, I would really want to show my gratitude to Jana for this incredible chance to work together and make something so extraordinary. I really treasure these opportunities.

But who knows, maybe the next talented artist is right around the corner, and I just need to extend my hand for my next endeavor

Ruby Ho.


Translation by Fred

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