GiGi's Special Birthday Gift

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Gigi, Ruby Red Galleria x Ruby Red Siblies Limited Edition Doll, 2022 with her best friend Ten Ping dressed in a cheongsam comes with the GiGi doll.

GiGi’s story


Ten Ping was GiGi’s classmate and had quickly become her best friend, and GiGi wanted to get her the best birthday present ever! GiGi knew she would have to work hard to afford the gift, so she set about picking up any job she could - she harvested peanuts, ground soybeans, and swept floors all summer long. 


Finally, she had earned enough money for a truly special present… but what to buy? One day the most beautiful cheongsam caught her eye, sitting like a precious jewel behind polished glass. GiGi knew this was the dress for Ten Ping.


Just as she rushed across the street to purchase the adorable dress, it was yanked back from its window display. Another customer had got to it before her! Running into the store, GiGi exclaimed “That’s my dress!”. Seeing the crestfallen expression on the young girl’s face, the woman holding the dress suggested a solution “Say, why don’t we play a game for it?”.


“Ok, how about rock, paper, scissors?” GiGi proposed. “Excellent!” the woman replied.


Ten Ping’s perfect birthday gift now lay in the hands of fate as GiGi squared her shoulders and narrowed her gaze, ready to compete.


“Rock… paper… scissors… shoot!”.


GiGi held out two work-worn fingers, palm facing inwards, and triumphantly declared “scissors… I win!”, as her gaze settled on the flat, downward-facing hand of her opponent. “Scissors beats paper” GiGi trilled. The woman chuckled and handed over the dress. “You won fair and square,” she said through a smile. 


GiGi was ecstatic, she couldn’t wait to give Ten Ping the best birthday present ever!

GiGi arrives wearing a brightly colored Tang suit-style shirt, a pair of blue checked shorts with colorful pocket details, a pair of peach socks, and a pair of white loafer sandals. Her accessories include a hair-bow that matches her patterned shirt, delicate red-beaded earrings, and brown leather-look suspenders. GiGi also comes with Ten Ping’s birthday present, a beautiful blue and pink checked cheongsam wrapped in a special Ruby Red bag. 

In September, Ten Ping will celebrate her birthday. This year, her best friend GiGi will surprise her with the best present ever, a beautiful cheongsam! 

GiGi is a Ruby Red Galleria x Ruby Red Siblies Limited Edition Doll (canvas bag containing cheongsam birthday gift included).

Pre-order 6 Aug, 10:00 am US East Coast Time

Only 200pcs worldwide


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